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Holiday party planning season is here, and once again companies are getting the ball rolling on their annual events. Whether you’re a professional within the in-house department, or simply the person who has volunteered for (or been delegated) the task, it is now up to you to make sure that this year’s party not only happens, but is a success!

As a professional event planner/producer for 15 years, I know firsthand how challenging this role can be – especially if it ISN’T your regular job! To help make your life easier, I’ve selected the most useful & relevant articles from the TrivWorks blog which I think will be helpful, to ensure a fun & festive office holiday party for your colleagues and/or clients:

Practical Tips & How-To’s:

General Articles/Case Studies:

If you’re interested in having TrivWorks produce your company’s holiday party this year, I’m incredibly excited about our brand-new trivia/mixology and trivia/karaoke offerings – both of which are ideal for onsite entertaining (and won’t cost an arm and a leg!)

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